Erik Luber

gazeboErik received a BSc in Engineering Physics, and a PhD in Materials Engineering from the UofA. Erik’s PhD work focused on synthesis, design and characterization of thin film nanomaterials. In 2011 he started a postdoctoral appointment in Dr. Jillian Buriak’s research group, working on photovoltaics and graphene-like coatings in collaboration with 3M Canada. Currently, he is a research associate, where his primary research is focused on photoelectrochemical water splitting, block copolymer self-assembly and battery materials. Erik has co-authored over 35 peer-reviewed papers, holds 3 US patents, h-index of 14 and an Erdös number of 7. When Erik isn’t doing science, he is probably having fun hanging off a ceiling doing some form of aerial circus with his friends. You can find all of his circus shenanigans on Instagram @super_meathook_bro or YouTube.