Peter Kalisvaart

Peter@chess (1)I was born in the ‘Land-below-the-Sea’ in 1980. Afer 18 years on the farm, I moved to Philips town (Eindhoven) to study and eventually also do a Ph.D. After my first two visits to Canada in 2005 (Quebec City) and 2007 (Banff) I liked it so much that I came over to work and live here 2 years later. Now that the Government, after profiting off 6 years of hard intellectual labour here and at UBC, has finally decided to let me stay for as long as I want, I found that I missed the Edmontonian winters so much that I had to come back. I am really happy to be reunited with Brian and Erik and hope to do lots more good science. My specialties are hydrogen storage, alkali-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells, neutron scattering techniques and pushing papers out, so I should be able to make myself useful somehow. When not in the lab or the office, I like bike riding year-round, cooking and playing chess (there’s a picture of me in action).